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Tuesday, 22 December 1998

After writing up the bogus, oversold, falsely hyped product called Lockdown 2000 on my site, I received two emails from an individual who claimed to be a satisfied customer of Harbor Telco. This person, the same who prompted me to do more extensive tests of Lockdown, went on at considerable length in an effort to bolster the overblown claims of the sellers of Lockdown.

He went out of his way to try and convince me these fine people were just trying their best. He claimed the creators had been the victims of a scam artist named Eddie Davidson who had stolen their product (can we call it that?) and scammed people with it, selling but not delivering. He also warned me repeatedly that I was risking a lawsuit for my criticism of Lockdown and its grossly unethical sales pitch.

This person named himself "Scott Davis." He gave me lots of information of a nature I seriously doubt any businessperson would share with a customer no matter how friendly, and claimed incidentally that he was himself a lawyer.

The emails came from a Hotmail account, so of course the identity of the sender could be, almost certainly was, false. But the headers contained the IP address of the originator. The origin of the emails was a cable modem service called MediaOne, which happens to serve Dover, New Hampshire on the originating IP block. A Dover, NH mailing address is one of those used by the sellers of Lockdown!

I was unable to find any attorney named Scott Davis listed in the Dover area.

Assuming I was hearing from a principal of the Lockdown scam, having been threatened with legal action, and not anxious to be caught off-guard, I decided to do some Net.detective work on these Lockdown characters.

Ironically, I would have left these idiots alone. As you'll see below, there's plenty they would probably prefer weren't known. Well, now I'm making a few things known.

I've simply started with records of the lockdown2000 domain name and gone on from there, following a trail of logical connections. I cut and pasted all information directly from WHOIS records and other online queries. (By the way, I've made most of the links more convenient to use by utilizing a Javascript pop-up window.)

I've shortened records in most cases, but included links to the actual domain records. If you find a discrepancy between my data here and the linked records, it will be because of subsequent revisions of those records.

First, the Lockdown domain name:

   Domain Name: LOCKDOWN2000.COM
Harbor Telco Security Division (LOCKDOWN3-DOM)
   P.O. BOX 1358
   DOVER, NH 03821-1358
phone: 603-742-7656 (FAX) 603-742-7656

No physical address, just a PO box. The 603 area code is appropriate to the Dover location. (I was incidentally mistaken in my earlier comments about the phone being in Florida.) It's about 60 miles north of Boston.

So what about harbortelco.com?

Harbor Telco Corp. (HARBORTELCO-DOM)
   Palm Harbor, FL 34684
phone: 603-742-7656 (FAX) 603-742-7656

Here's the Florida address. The phone however, is in Dover, NH. Very odd.

Harbor Telco? Are they really a telephone company?

So I check out their website, www.harbortelco.com. It carries a prominent banner: T1CONNECTIONS and says, "T1CONNECTIONS, is a division of Harbor Telco Corp."

On inspection, it becomes obvious they do not provide actual T1 lines nor any real phone utility service. They sell "free" 800/888 numbers and calling card services, a common multi-level marketing scam.

The signup page for "free" 800 service takes the mark, er, customer to a secure server on the dreamcatchers.net domain, apparently run by oem.net. Oem.net apparently provides harbortelco's Net connection (a traceroute to harbortelco.com passes thru an oem.net machine). Oem.net is located in Boston, which is not far from Dover, NH.

Harbor Telco also presents the appearance of being an Internet Presence Provider (IPP). The impression one gets reading their site is that they own the hosting facilities, but that's probably not the case. It's not unusual nowadays to market someone else's actual Net facilities and services under one's own business name. The lack of a physical address (you have to keep your machines someplace!) supports this likelihood.

Their phone for domain and server services: 1-800-422-5130 or (603) 740-4590 email: www@mail.harbortelco.com

And of course, they sell "security software" -- Lockdown2000 is the banner product, along with some Unix stuff, a product line named "Airtight," with applications titled "RootOut" and "PageAlert."

"RootOut" supposedly monitors for unauthorized root access on a Unix system. If it works as well as my test of Lockdown, I feel for the buyers.

"PageAlert" claims to page Harbor Telco's security experts when a breach occurs. They offer a similar email service in connection with something called "DoubleCheck."

Nowhere on the site do I find any list of happy customers for any of the purported services or products.

Their phone for security stuff: 1-800-422-5130 or (603) 740-4590 email: www@harbortelco.com -- the same as for the domain hosting. It looks a bit like a one-person, home-office operation.

What other domains does Harbor Telco own?

I did a search.

% whois "Harbor Telco..."
Harbor Telco Corp. (HARBORTELCO-DOM)                           HARBORTELCO.COM
Harbor Telco Security Division (LOCKDOWN3-DOM)                LOCKDOWN2000.COM
Harbor Telco, Corp. (HACKERPROOF6-DOM)                       HACKERPROOF98.COM

We've seen the first two. That leaves this one:

   Domain Name: HACKERPROOF98.COM
Harbor Telco, Corp. (HACKERPROOF6-DOM)
   P.O. BOX 1358
   Dover, NH 03821-1358
phone: 603-742-7656 (FAX) 603-742-7656

There's the same Dover address again, same harbortelco email address. This is the domain they claim was formerly run by someone else, but it's theirs and has been all along.

Let's check that email address:

% finger noc@harbortelco.com
vine finger: Connection refused.
For more information pease mail root@vine.net

Who is root@vine.net? I'll ask:

% whois root@vine.net
Paris, Michael (MP2897)         root@VINE.NET
   Internet Services
   PO. BOX 50124
   Cicero, IL 60804
   708-222-0342 (FAX) 708-863-1917
   Record last updated on 16-Mar-97.

Aha! Michael Paris! This guy's name is directly mentioned in the Lockdown product and on their website.

And we now have another address, this one in Illinois! Cicero 60650 is smack in the middle of Greater Chicago.

Okay, what do we have here? We have a Florida physical address for Harbor Telco. We have two post office box addresses, one in Dover, New Hampshire and one in Chicago. We have Michael Paris, a person's name (at last). We have three connected domains. Does Paris own them all? Who else is involved?

I looked for more domains of the "harbor..." variety and ran across this:

Harbor Resources, Corp. (HARBORRESOURCES-DOM)
   65 PollyAnn PK
   Dover, NH 03820
      LeClerc, Roger  (RL3784)  roger@HABORRESOURCES.COM
   Technical Contact, Zone Contact:
      Kail, Jamie  (JK391)  pyro@PYROTECHNICS.COM

Why is this interesting? Roger LeClerc's name appears in the Lockdown 2000 program itself. He's listed as "Sales." Here we have a physical address in the Dover location! And yet another corporation in what is starting to look like a shell game.

And who's this Jamie Kail?

% whois jk391
Kail, Jamie (JK391)             pyro@PYROTECHNICS.COM
   PYROtechnics Inc.
   800 E. Northwest Hwy. Ste 260
   Palatine, IL 60067

Aha! Illinois again! And where is Palatine? In the Greater Chicago area.

We're beginning to nail these guys down. Paris seems likely to have lived in Chicago all along. Kail is possibly just a service provider, conveniently near Paris' residence. LeClerc is in Dover, minding the store. But who's the Florida connection?

We'll have to get to that. But first we'll take a closer look at Paris:

% whois Paris, Michael
Paris, Michael (MP1764)         postmaster@GRAMCRACKER.COM        708-485-3072
Paris, Michael (MP1991)         mwp@IMAGIN.NET                    817 453 9437
Paris, Michael (MP2897)         root@VINE.NET  708-222-0342 (FAX) 708-863-1917
Paris, Michael (MP5747)         nomail@IPRESENT.COM
                                               732-290-7959 (FAX) 732-583-2511
Paris, Michael (MP5777)         parism@TULSA.OKLAHOMA.NET         918-663-5559
Paris, Michael (MP300)          root@INVIRCIBLE.COM               708-863-8692
Paris, Michael Cariss (MCR62)   admin@HACKERPROOF98.COM
                                               603-740-4590 (FAX) 603-742-7656

A quick look at the area codes shows the 708 and 603 codes of Chicago and Dover.

MP1991 is in Texas, no apparent connection.
MP5747 is in New Jersey, a legitimate business.
MP5777 is in Tulsa, OK, no apparent connection.

So we examine the rest:

Paris, Michael (MP1764)         postmaster@GRAMCRACKER.COM
   Gramcracker BBS
   4914 W. 32nd Place
   Cicero, IL 60650
   Record last updated on 21-Sep-96.

I can find absolultely no other reference of any kind to a "Gramcracker" anything. Spelling it right (grahamcracker) doesn't help. There is no gramcracker.com listed in WHOIS.

Although it's from 1996, this listing does provide our first physical address for Paris in Chicago.

Paris, Michael (MP2897)         root@VINE.NET  708-222-0342 (FAX) 708-863-1917

This we know about already. On to the next:

Paris, Michael (MP300)          root@INVIRCIBLE.COM
   Vine Computer Industry, INC
   PO. BOX 50124
   Cicero, IL 60650
   Record last updated on 21-May-96.

Oho! There's "Vine" again. Makes sense. Another corporation. And we see the PO box there has been in use since May of 96.

Paris, Michael Cariss (MCR62)           admin@HACKERPROOF98.COM
   ByteTight Computer Security Corp.
   334 East lake Rd. Ste. 290
   Palm Harbor, FL 34685
   603-740-4590 (FAX) 603-742-7656
   Record last updated on 02-Sep-98.

Is this the Florida connection? We have Paris directly associated with the Harbor Telco physical address; we have a new name, ByteTight Computer Security Corp. How many corporations is that now? Four? Five? And again we have the Dover, NH phone number. This is a very recent record.

Now, what's next? We have some new domain names to check into, and two more corporation names!

ByteTight seems very interesting... That gets:

   Domain Name: HACKERFREE98.COM
ByteTight Computer Security Corp (HACKERFREE-DOM)
   334 East lake Rd. Ste. 290
   Palm Harbor, FL 34685
      Michael Paris  (MC577-ORG)  admin@HACKERPROOF98.COM
      603-740-4590 Fax- 603-742-7656
   Record last updated on 08-Jul-98.

Domain Name: BYTETIGHT.COM ByteTight Computer Security Corp. (BYTETIGHT-DOM) 334 East lake Rd. Ste. 290 Palm Harbor, FL 34685 US Paris, Michael Cariss (MCR62) admin@HACKERPROOF98.COM 603-740-4590 (FAX) 603-742-7656 Record last updated on 26-Jun-98.

Both use these servers:


Traceroute suggests Media3 is a UUNET reseller like oem.net.

Okay, so what other domains does Paris put his name to?

 Domain Name: AIRTIGHT.NET
Vine Computer Industry, Inc. (AIRTIGHT2-DOM)
   P.O. BOX 50124
   CICERO, IL 60804
      Paris, Michael (MP2897) root@VINE.NET
      708-222-0342 (FAX) 708-863-1917
   Record last updated on 08-May-97.
   Domain servers in listed order:

Hmmm. Illinois again. There's the "Airtight" name, one of the Harbor Telco security products.

What's freeshell.net? We know about pyrotechnics.com.

Vine Computer Industry, Inc. (T1CONNECTIONS-DOM)
   P.O. BOX 50124
   CICERO, IL 60650
      Paris, Michael  (MP2897)  root@VINE.NET
      708-222-0342 (FAX) 708-863-1917
   Record last updated on 14-May-97.
   Domain servers in listed order:

There's the T1connections name! Still in prominent use on the Harbor Telco site.

   Domain Name: FREESHELL.NET
Vine Computer Industry, Inc. (FREESHELL-DOM)
   P.O. BOX 50124
   CICERO, IL 60804
      Paris, Michael  (MP2897)  root@VINE.NET
      708-222-0342 (FAX) 708-863-1917
   Record last updated on 16-Jul-97.
   Domain servers in listed order:

What's this domain used for? No website.

So what haven't we checked?

Gosh, this is getting confusing. Let's recap what we have so far:

Company/Corporation name           Location         Domain Name(s)

Internet Services Chicago, IL (unknown) Vine Computer Industry, Inc. Chicago, IL FREESHELL.NET T1CONNECTIONS.COM AIRTIGHT.NET Gramcracker BBS? Chicago, IL (probably no longer exists) Harbor Telco Corp. Palm Harbor, FL HACKERPROOF98.COM HARBORTELCO.COM ByteTight Computer Security Corp. Palm Harbor, FL BYTETIGHT.COM HACKERFREE98.COM Harbor Telco Security Division Dover, NH LOCKDOWN2000.COM Harbor Resources Corp. Dover, NH HARBORRESOURCES.COM

Wow. That's six (6) corporation names not including Gramcracker!

I should point out, State laws restrict the use of the term "incorporated," "corp.," or "inc." to the names of entities which have been legally incorporated. I wonder what Mr. Paris would think of having his corporate pedigrees examined. My time's a bit limited. Is any reader interested in helping out with this?

Phone Numbers:

603-742-7656 (fax and voice)

708-863-1917 (fax)

Hosting services used by Paris' various domains:


Email addresses for Michael Paris:


Finger doesn't work on any of these. Several point to root@vine.net, but even that is unlikely to be a working address.

So what are the loose ends? These two haven't been followed up:


Let's check out vine.net:

   Domain Name: VINE.NET
Internet Direct (VINE4-DOM)
   1102 Grand Ave STE 1701
   Kansas City, MO 64106
      Sandgathe, Michael  (MS338)  michael@IDIR.NET
      (816) 474-4554 (FAX) (816) 283-0612
   Record last updated on 29-Jul-98.
   Record created on 29-Jul-98.

Well, that doesn't make much sense unless our Michael is using a fake name/address. Maybe there's a connection, but it seems likely our Mr. Paris either no longer owns vine.net, or he never did in the first place. Hard to say which. There's no apparent web server for vine.net.

What about invircible.com?

   Domain Name: INVIRCIBLE.COM
NetZ Computing Ltd. (INVIRCIBLE-DOM)
   15 Keren Hayesod
   Givat Shmuel, Israel, 54051
      Netiv, Zvi  (ZN4)  netz@ACTCOM.CO.IL
      +972 3 938 6868 (FAX) +972 3 938 6869
   Record last updated on 14-Mar-98.
   Record created on 22-Apr-95.

Now, that is bizarre! It's in Israel! Is there a connection? Another dead end?

Why do I get the feeling Michael Paris doesn't want to get any email?

I still have one really BIG question: what's with the Florida location? Mr. Paris is almost certainly based in Chicago. His sales guy, Roger LeClerc, would surely be in Dover. Roger is probably the one who cajoled and threatened me via email. All the phone numbers go to Dover and Chicago. Who's in Florida? Since there's a physical address, there is likely to be a human being.

334 East Lake Rd. appears to be an office building with lots of tenants; perhaps an office park. I found a number of places listed at that address on Altavista. Most are legitimate businesses. One is a rock band. But -- aha! -- one is a porn-site scam calling itself "EE Inc.," and it is in the same suite as Harbor Telco, number 290! (Get Your Very Own Adult Site Today! $750!)

EE Inc.
334 East Lake Rd. Suite 290
Palm Harbor, FL 34685
Phone: 1-813-772-5671
Fax: 1-813-772-8061

It's dated from January '98. Isn't that INTERESTING?

Another is an online porn operation that has since changed its address, but it's still indexed in Altavista and turns up in response to the query: "334 E. Lake Rd" and "290" and "Palm Harbor." It's now at:

c/o Media International
7771 Oakland Park Blvd. Suite #122
Sunrise, FL 33351
(954) 572-954

We seem to be encountering the Sleaze Factor, eh? I wonder what more will turn up.

It might be possible to tease a bit more info out of WHOIS or Altavista, but I'm inclined to look in some new places.

Why not check out the scuttlebutt on Usenet? I'll go to Dejanews.

First I'll search for Vine Computer Industry because it seems to be the oldest of the known business names Michael Paris used. Wow! 46 matches.

There's a list of FTP sites:

Site   : ftp.invircible.com
Date   : 29-May-95
Alias  : invircible.com, vine.invircible.com
Admin  : root@invircible.com
Organ  : Invircible - Vine Computer Industry, Cicero, Illinois
URL    : ftp://ftp.invircible.com/
Files  : antivirus software

Looks like Paris has indeed been involved with InVircible. He stayed on the list until November of 1997.

There's an antiviral contacts list:

Company: NetZ Computing Ltd. (see also NSE Software)
Address: Israel
Sales:   marketed in the US by Vine Computer Industry
Contact: Zvi Netiv
Product: InVircible antiviral

Paris' company is on the list from June '95 to Sept '96.

An August '95 post gives the contact info as:

   Vine Computer Industry, IL
   Tel. 1-800-422-5130
   Canada Dial 1-708-863-8692

That very same 800 number is still in use to this day on the Harbor Telco website. Paris has used this same phone number for 3 years plus, for various enterprises and under a number of supposed corporation names.

In December of '95 and again in February of '96 there appeared posts touting a "Major New Antivirus Study" which omitted some of the best of the major antivirus apps and declared inVircible the hands-down winner despite being a year out of date. It made glowing claims for Invircible and pointed the readers to Paris' Vine Computer Industry to buy, buy, buy.

So from at least early '95 to late '97, Paris was selling the InVircible software.

UseNet commentary on InVircible, then and now, is mostly skeptical and not complimentary. This antivirus software has elicited some choice labels like "snake oil" and "crapware." Its claims strain the limits of credibility, to be sure. A helpful and attentive reader named Al has sent me this link to an exhaustive PC World Magazine review of InVircible.

In August of '97 there was a seemingly new development. Someone posted to news.admin.net-abuse.sightings a complaint of unsolicited commercial email (UCE) selling "Hot Steamy Adult Action" which had quite evidently originated from Paris' freeshell.net domain. (So that's what he uses it for!)

Now this is where things start to get REALLY wild!

Watch closely. These are the domain records produced by the poster, who traced the unwanted email to these domains. First, there's this one, the domain being promoted:

   Domain Name: AOLSEX.NET
web communications AOLSEX3-DOM
   14837 Detroit Ave #331
   Lakewood, OH 44107
      Davison, Ray  (RD3182)  VisitUs@ON-THE-WEB.COM
   Record last updated on 02-Jul-97.
   Record created on 02-Jul-97.
   Database last updated on 4-Aug-97 04:29:21 EDT.
   Domain servers in listed order:

Why is this interesting? Eddie Davidson is the scapegoat for the Lockdown claims which clearly seek to distance themselves from the Hackerproof98 promotion.

Hackerproof98 was evidently a debacle and a colossal fraud involving no product for payment.

Could this be the same Davidson? The email I received from Lockdown's mysterious defender said Eddie Davidson was the perpetrator of the fictional Hackerproof98 "stolen beta version" crime.

The stolen-beta claim is a complete lie in any case. Paris' name, interviews, quotes, etc., can be found at numerous sites in undeniable connection with HackerProof98 and its website. He was directly and intimately involved all the way along. These are links that demonstrate the fact; wherein he conducts interviews and claims among other things that as many as 80% of all Win32 machines have open file shares! What a despicable, profiteering liar this Paris is:

http://www.ascom.com/systec/mail/headline.htm#GAPING (looks like these just got taken down)

Anyway, when I look for Ed(die) Davidson in WHOIS, I find him in several records at the same physical address listed above for "Ray Davidson," so it's pretty clear he -- whatever his name really is -- was involved in the UCE (mass email) from Paris' freeshell.net domain.

Also found by our anti-spammer:

Internet Communications EMAILEXPERTS-DOM
   30628 Detroit Ave.
   Westlake, OH 44107
      McDaniel, Paul  PM2985  experts97@HOTMAIL.COM

I asked WHOIS about that email address. It's listed in the WHOIS database under no less than three names! Hi, Eddie!

% whois experts97@...
Davidson, Ed (ED918)            experts97@HOTMAIL.COM             123-456-7890
McDaniel, Paul (PM2985)         experts97@HOTMAIL.COM             123-456-7890
Smith, Larry (LS2788)           experts97@HOTMAIL.COM             216-895-1919

Can you say, "spam"? It looks like our friend Michael Paris may have decided to find new ways to make money. A whole new career opportunity? Is he closely allied with Eddie Davidson, or just doing a little business?

Hey, a firm connection between Eddie Davidson and the Harbor Telco address would tie things up nicely, eh? Whoops! Here it is!:

% whois ed1316
Davidson, Eddie (ED1316)                inc97@AMERITECH.NET
   E.E. Inc.
   205 Katherine Blvd.
   Palm Harbor, FL 34684
   813-772-8061 (FAX) 813-772-5671

   Record last updated on 19-Nov-97.

"But wait!" you say. "That's not the same address." Ah, but remember the porn-site scam I found actually at the Harbor Telco address? EE Inc.! And here it is again with Eddie's name. This gives us Eddie Davidson at the Harbor Telco address.

Before I get too embroiled in Eddie Davidson, suffice it to say he is infamous for flooding the Net with spam and UCE. Try Dejanews yourself and you'll see what I mean. But it bears mentioning that the AOLSex.net spam in particular, in which Paris' freeshell.net was involved, was among those which earned Eddie a lawsuit from AOL, with accusations that those promotions were deceptive and broke State and Federal laws.

Perhaps as a result of legal defeats, Eddie seems to disappear from the spam scene around March of '98, which incidentally coincides more or less with the appearance of Hackerproof98. It seems likely that as an outgrowth of their already-established UCE partnership, Eddie found employment with Michael Paris in the Hackerproof98 scam. It's a sure bet he was directly involved and running things at the Florida end.

Perhaps it's even true Eddie eventually absconded with the proceeds; he'd been put out of the spam business after all, and may have owed a small fortune to his lawyers. Honor among thieves and all that. On the other hand, who can believe a word these people say?

In a July '98 post, a reason for Michael's new pursuits (porn and Hackerproof98) becomes evident, when a poster to alt.comp.virus says: "I heard some time ago that Netiv [inVircible owner] had sacked Michael Paris for stealing the profits..."

Whether Michael stole from inVircible may be debatable, but there's no question there was a conflict. I emailed inVircible and Netiv himself responded, telling me that his software had been bootlegged in the US, and he suspected Paris of producing the copies. He had put up a web page listing the non-sanctioned distributors. He said he was threatened with legal action by Roger LeClerc (sounds familiar!) and then was mail-bombed; and as a result he withdrew the web page.

Netiv pointed out Paris' registration of this domain name as an example of his duplicity:

   Domain Name: INVERCIBLE.COM
   PALATINE, IL 60067
   Administrative Contact:
      Kail, Jamie  (JK391)  pyro@PYROTECHNICS.COM
   Technical Contact, Zone Contact:
      Paris, Michael  (MP2897)  root@VINE.NET
      708-222-0342 (FAX) 708-863-1917
   Billing Contact:
      Kail, Jamie  (JK391)  pyro@PYROTECHNICS.COM
   Record last updated on 17-Dec-97.
   Record created on 24-Jun-97.

There's Jamie Kail again. If he's just a service provider, what's he doing as Administrative and Billing contact? It's time to consider the likelihood he's one of the scammers.

Anyhow, that post about Paris with respect to Netiv was in response to this equally fascinating one, which makes still more historical connections between Michael Paris and Hackerproof98. This post alone proves yet again beyond a shadow of a doubt that Paris (Harbor Telco) lies when he disclaims Hackerproof98. More interesting, it also places Roger Leclerc as a crony in the earlier and similarly-hyped inVircible enterprise. And it explains why you can find Wolf Computer Systems hawking Lockdown 2000 when apparently no one else on Earth wants to touch it. These guys all have history (and ethical standards) in common.

This post provides some raw insight into the quality and repute of Michael's inVircible enterprise.

There's another UseNet post that connects Paris to UCE (mass email) which promoted "Digital3DFantasy.com."

Check this out:

Digital Fantasy Corp. (DIGITAL3DFANTASY-DOM)
   Palm Harbor, FL 34684
   Record last updated on 29-Jul-98.

The Harbor Telco street address!

Previously the name server was at harbortelco.com. Has that changed? A reverse Name Server Lookup of NS2.DIGITALFANTASY.COM yields this:

> set type=soa
Server:  combox.ocsny.com

21.41.216.IN-ADDR.ARPA origin = ns2.harbortelco.com mail addr = root.harbortelco.com serial = 98062536 refresh = 3600 (1 hour) retry = 300 (5 mins) expire = 3600000 (41 days 16 hours) minimum ttl = 3600 (1 hour)

They have simply renamed a server to make the harbortelco connection less obvious in the domain record.

Also hosted by Harbor Telco:

Digital Fantasy Corp. (DIGITALWEBSEX2-DOM)
   P.O. BOX 1923
   Dover, NH 03821
      Center, Network Operations  (NOC116)  noc@DIGITAL3DFANTASY.COM
      603-742-7656 (FAX) 603-742-7656
      Billing, WWW  (WB3117)  root@DIGITALWEBSEX.COM
      603-742-7656 (FAX) 603-742-7656

One interesting thing about this domain is that the Billing contact phone number is the same as the Harbor Telco sales number! Our friend Roger LeClerc is quite evidently personally running this sex site! Which claims to be "THE WORLD'S LARGEST." Right. Sounds rather like the Lockdown hype.

Other Usenet posts just last month tell the tale of Harbor Telco being CUT OFF by their provider UUNET for email "spam." But Paris & Co. found oem.net (a UUNET reseller, ironically) willing to restore access.

The link between virus propagation and the more disreputable antivirus software sellers has long been a matter of concern and commentary. If Michael Paris is as unscrupulous as the facts suggest, his connection with the sex-sales websites and other scams of Eddie Davidson could make a sick sort of sense. Trojans and viruses are, if my emails and computer-service experiences are any indication, especially likely to be spread through such sleazy sites.

I would like to hear from anyone who thinks he may have contracted a virus or trojan from a porn site. I would be fascinated to find additional correlations between this crowd and antivirus hype. For instance, if you complained to Davidson about a virus you think came from his site, did he then recommend or sell inVircible as the solution?

Okay, so what have we got?

We have Michael Paris (Vine Computer, Harbor Telco, many others) in Chicago, with a long history of false hype and PR ploys, including UCE, in pursuit of sales of more than one questionable security product, and with clear evidence of long-term trafficking in sleazy UCE, some of it certainly for Eddie Davidson.

We have Jamie Kail, also in Chicago and personally involved in some capacity.

We have Roger LeClerc (Harbor Resources) in Dover, obviously in cahoots with Paris, whose association dates back to their inVircible days. Roger is the front man, taking the calls for Lockdown and sending anonymous threatening email to people like me who have the gall to question the scam.

We have Eddie Davidson, well-known online-sex purveyor, shameless scam-artist and major mass-email offender, with physical addresses in Florida (EE Inc, same location as Harbor Telco) and in Ohio.

This is who you're buying from when you buy Lockdown 2000.

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