The Global Array of Lockdown 2000 Servers
Thursday, 17 February 2000

Some time back, I noticed that along with the many false claims found at was a rather laughable attempt to present the appearance of a global array of download sites.

It seems to be inspired by the download pages of Netscape and other high-traffic sites, which offer their downloads on a regional basis in order to speed access and distribute the server load.

It is obviously for appearances only.

I amused myself this afternoon by examining the real facts about these servers. I've traced each site with my Network Tracer and done some additional sleuthing to determine the physical location of the servers and the nature of the host.

Here's how they're presented at, as of February 17, 2000:

LockDown 2000 ver. Has Arrived!

Choose Any Server To Download, Upgrade, Or To Place An Order

Servers In The United States

South California  North California  New York  Connecticut

South Carolina  South Florida  Missouri  

New Hampshire  New Jersey  Texas

Servers Outside The United States

Australia  Western Canada  Central Canada 

Italy   Paris France

Here's what I found:

Claimed location	Facts

South California
			Actual location: Utah

			Comments:  The domain name ""
			is registered to "East\West Health Center" in
			Chico, CA; but the server is physically located
			in Utah.  The site is hosted by Internet
			Communications ( at a Utah
			facility.  Traceroute was uninformative, so I
			called the company to learn its location.  The
			website (the actual address of which is has absolutely
			nothing to do with Lockdown or anything related,
			and it contains no mention of Lockdown 2000.
			It's anyone's guess why the Lockdown download is
			hosted there.

North California
			Actual location: Uncertain; could be either Etna,
			CA or Reno, NV.  All traffic passes through Reno.

			Comments:  The domain name ""
			is registered to "Siskiyou Telephone" in
			Etna, CA; but the upline service is physically
			located in Nevada.  Traceroute shows the
			connection always passes through Reno, NV
			( and; it appears
			web hosting may be located at a Nevada facility.
			The website is on a personal account.  Its text
			offers only a false email address for its owner:  An SMTP check for (text here) reveals a
			name:  Talina Hoff.  Talina is a reseller of

New York
			Actual location: New York City area

			Comments: is a free, ad-supported
			web-hosting service.  Use of this site is
			contrary to the stated policy on Lockdown's own
			download page, which states:  "We are sorry, but
			we can not accept links to free web page
			services or online services such as Prodigy,
			AOL, or Compuserve."  In addition, use of the
			site for download-only evades display of the
			host's ads.  The Terms of Service at
			state:  "CGI For Me is providing these services
			free of charge to you in exchange for banner
			placements on some of the scripts. You agree not
			to try ... in any way shape or form to hide
			these banners from showing up, doing so will
			instantly get your account canceled and you may
			be forced to pay for lost income resulting in
			your tampering."  There is absolutely no HTML
			material at the "lockdown" user address.

			Actual location: Chicago area

			Comments:  The IP address block belongs to "OLM,
			LLC" (On Line Marketing, Limited Liability Corp)
			which lists an address in Milford, CT.  But the
			server isn't in Connecticut.  The traceroute's
			last stop prior to arrival at the
			website is a Globalcenter machine located in
			Chicago, IL.
			Special Bonus!  OLM, LLC and its associated
			domains are Spam Central!  Using Altavista, I
			sought out the names "OLM, LLC", "HOST4U.NET"
			and some others, and ran head on into link after
			link on anti-spam sites.  A little more
			follow-up, and I was into a series of business
			names, all associated with websites selling
			moneymaking schemes, most of them hyping
			unsolicited commercial email as the prime means
			of promotion. (see trace above) in
			particular is widely recognized as a spam source,
			and it's even blocked by the huge ISP RR.COM.
			The spamming history of Michael Paris and his
			associates is something I've already uncovered,
			so the hosting of the Lockdown program on the
			personal website of the Top Guy of this spam-
			oriented marketing operation should be no
			surprise.  "MLM Legend" indeed.  As a
			f'rinstance, Jack Bastide is one of many
			"legendary" spammers who kept an account with
			the hated, now former, Cyberpromo operation run
			by the Spam King, Sanford "Spamford" Wallace.
			Jack's username on  "Awesome."

South Carolina
			Actual location:  Seattle, WA

			Comments:  The domain name "" is
			registered to "Rocsoft" in Columbia, SC; but
			the server is physically located in Seattle, WA.
			The site is hosted by Go2net Inc. of Seattle.
			The website formerly offered Georgia
			Lottery tickets for sale online; but in June its
			owner, Roger Christiansen of Columbia, SC, was
			enjoined from doing so as it was an illegal
			practice under Federal law.  Roger is also a
			Lockdown reseller.

South Florida
			Actual location:  Ft. Lauderdale, FL

			Comments:  This website is hosted by CyberGate
			Web Hosting.  While the address provided is just
			an IP address, an inspection of the site reveals
			that its name is ""  The
			domain is owned by Eugene C. Godsey, of Godsey
			Enterprises, Pembroke Pines, FL.  By way of a
			search engine, I found a page on the site
			which enthusiastically sells Lockdown, with
			heavy emphasis on the utterly false description
			of Lockdown 2000 as a "firewall."

			Actual location:  Kansas City, MO

			Comments:  Hosted by, this site
			is on a server in Kansas City, Missouri.  The
			domain "" is owned by Martin J.
			Salisbury of Cajun Moon Multimedia, Arlington,
			TX.  Martin is a Lockdown reseller, and also
			provides hosting for Lockdown at a Texas site,

New Hampshire
			Actual location:  Either Dover, NH or Boston, MA

			Comments:  This is the Lockdown2000 website.
			The company is located in Dover, NH., but it
			appears likely that the physical server is
			"co-located" at the facility of their upline
			provider in Boston, some 60 miles away.  "Harbor
			Corp" (which incidentally is not and never has
			been a corporation in NH) effectively hosts its
			own website.

New Jersey
			Actual location:  Bloomfield, NJ

			Comments:  This website is hosted by Virtual
			Development Inc. in Bloomfield, NJ.  The domain
			"" is owned by Robert Alan Skinner of
			Bloomfield, NJ.  The site is largely on the
			subject of his music.  No mention is made of
			Lockdown on the site, and the "irrupt" section
			seems to hold no content besides the LD2K
			download file.  Presumably Skinner is a Lockdown

			Actual location:  Fort Worth, TX

			Comments:  This is a personal website maintained
			by the individual who owns (see
			Missouri, above).  Aside from the download,
			there's apparently no Lockdown promotion on this

			Actual location:  Western Australia

			Comments:  This is a personal website on a dialup
			account at  It belongs to Simon
			Bond, an 18-year-old music and graphic arts
			hobbyist.  There's no material on Lockdown 2000
			aside from the presence of the LD2K distribution

Western Canada
			Actual location:  Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada

			Comments:  This is the $20/mo web hosting deal
			at Quantumlynx.  No custom domain name is
			involved so there's no readily available record
			of ownership for the site..  The site appears to
			have no content besides the LD2K distribution

Central Canada
			Actual location:  London, Ontario, Canada

			Comments:  London is about 60 miles southwest
			of Toronto, across Lake Erie from Western New
			York State.  It's Eastern, not Central Canada.
			The website appears to have no content besides
			the Lockdown distribution files.  It's
			apparently a personal account with a
			fixed IP address, probably a DSL link.

Paris France
			Actual location:  Ivry-sur-Seine, France

			Comments:  Ivry-sur-Seine is a part of greater
			Paris.  The domain is owned by
			Emmanuel Daunizeau of Ivry-sur-Seine, France.
			The site is virtually undeveloped, and seems to
			contain little besides the LD2K distribution

In the final analysis, the Global Array of Lockdown 2000 Servers is a makeshift lot of hosting arrangements, mainly on personal websites, none of it on servers designed for large file transfers. It is misrepresented as to several of its true locations, and obviously meant primarily to impress the more gullible visitors with an illusion of broad support or vast resources.

Like the rest of the Lockdown 2000 presentation, it is more smoke than substance, and thoroughly careless of fact.