Grounding Proceedure for 18" Dish as per the N.E.C.

Run 4-6 foot long pigtail coaxial cable from LNBF through feed support assembly and down through mount as shown below.

Attach LNBF to dish.

Attach ground block to wall just below dish mount.

Attach coaxial pigtail to ground block connection as shown.

Locate your common or unified ground, usually comming out of the electric meter or main power panel of the house. This should also have the telephone company ground wire attached as well as the cable company ground attached.

Check to see that all the water/gas telephone and power grounds are bonded together, NO SEPERATE GROUND RODS.

Strip ends of ground wire. Approximately 2 inches at bottom end for the split bolt, and approximately 6 to 12 inches for top end for ground block and dish mount. DO NOT USE A WATER PIPE, New rule from the NEC.

Run ground wire as shown in diagram, from the ground rod through the ground block hole, and attach to dish mounting foot with supplied 1/4-20 screw and nut.

If supplied ground wire is coiled, coiled end should go down toward the unified goround.

If you have ANY questions regarding grounding contact your dealer

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