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P.O. Box 990
4017 Sherman-Ripley Rd
Sherman, NY 14781-0990

Phone (716) 753-3500
Jamestown NY 789-3500
Westfield NY 326-6968
Brocton-Fredonia-Dunkirk 792-7499
Fax (716) 761-6460

In Business Since 1975, Full Time!

DISH Network is Your Single Source

DISH Network is your single source for the finest in satellite television entertainment. You get state-of-the-art equipment, a large selection of programming at very reasonable rates and a responsive, highly professional Customer Service Group, all from a single company with a long history of quality and reliability in satellite television.

Compact 18 or 22 inch satellite TV dish antenna
Digital video and CD-quality audio
On-screen Program Guide - accesses complete program listings
Infrared 4-component universal remote control offers control of up to three other units like VCRs, TVs and stereo amplifiers
S-Video output
Program "Browse" - allows channel surfing of the schedule while watching current program
Software upgradeable via satellite link
Protect your kids from viewing inappropriate programming with our Parental Control lockout (V-chip technology) which allows you to restrict programming based on ratings and content
High-speed data port - potential for future computer data and information superhighway communications applications
1-800-333-DISH gives you 24-hour access to customer service, technical support and programming changes

DISH Network Is Your Simple Choice

While other DBS providers complicate satellite TV, DISH Network
"brings it home in one package."

We operate a one-sTop-shop for complete satellite TV entertainment
Manufacture our own, state-of-the-art system hardware
Own our own satellites with 1 more to be launched in the near future
Create all our programming packages with more choices at lower prices
Offer affordable, comprehensive customer financing
Have established a single 24-hour phone number (1-800-333-DISH) to answer customer needs
Have assembled a nationwide professional installation/service network
Do our own hardware repair and servicing
Deliver over 15 years of satellite TV experience and expertise

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Grounding your 18 or 22 inch dish per National Electric Code

Grounding Your Satellite System, Information for Self-Installers, From DBS Dish

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