Has been moved to a
"Off the Shelve Computer"
with a Blue Quartz OS

Located in Sherman NY via a "Wireless Link" and a Cable Modem

And YES! You can do it to!!
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News Clip 1/9/07
Well I love to Tinker... and I have moved the domains to
to a newer computer, a Intel(R)Pentium(R) 4 CPU 1300MHz,
Cache Size of 256kb, 200 gig hard drive, and 256mb of ram.
This computer has a pretty good video card, ATI Rage 128 Pro
Ultra TF, a bit of an overkill! This computer/webserver still
uses the Blue Quarts OS, which works real well.
I have moved the server to my sisters house so I can
have the full use of my Hi-Speed which is 1536 kb up.
My wireless link will sometimes choke during real heavy
use especially when I download a new ISO
from some of my favorite Linux sites.

A special note: Since I use Adelphia/Time Warner cable
service for this server, they have advise me I will be
changing IP addresses. When this will happen is anyones guess,
but I have ordered a block of 5-10 addresses when this happens.
This is due to the sale in my area of the Adelphia system to TW
and ARIN has said they will need to change IP addresses and
give the old blocks back to ARIN.
Sounds like TW will be having lots of fun!!!

News Clip 12/13/05
I have moved this domain back to the shop. I am
now using a Cobalt Clone Server called a "Blue Quartz"
and is installed on a standard off the shelve computer,
an old 900 MHz Gateway with a 40 gig drive and 128 megs
of ram. It is connected to the net via a "Wireless Backbone"
I built between my sisters house and the shop, 6600 ft
up the road. I use a Cable Modem and a commercial account
with a static IP address from Adelphia Cable. I will not
go into the exact configurations of the "Wireless Backbone"
due to security issues that may pop up in the future. But
I will say.... "It Works" just fine.

News Clip as of 2/17/05
This server was down from 2/3 to 2/7
Because of a security problem that disabled
this server and the websites it hosted.
This server and a friends server were trashed
by what I beleve was the MySQL Worm that trashed
MySQL Database that is used by the Raq 550 OS.
When this happened I was able to retreve the server
on 2/4 and I was able to recover all the websites
with little problem here in my shop, and was able
to restore it to the server with no problem.

As a note: The Raq 4 OS does not use MySQL as a Database.

The biggest problem was re-entering all the data
manually back into the server... Working all day
Saturday and most of the afternoon and evening Sunday
I had all the settings back in to the server and
It was delevered back to Modem Madness Monday 2/7/05.

I want to thank Modem Madness for helping me restore the
server back into working order and for putting up with me
during this outage. They know how to please a customer

News Clip as of 12/18/04
I now have Hi-speed Internet Access Back using
a wireless backbone I built, connecting me to
a Cable Modem from Adelphia with a static IP address.
This is the first private owned backbone
system in Chautauqua County. I hope to build
more wireless systems in the future that
will give people a choice on internet providers.

I expect to have DNS and other services back on
in the near future, as well as have one of my
webservers back on line in Sherman as well.

"Franks" News Clips as of 4/23/04
This domain and the ones I had Hosted
on my Qube 2 via my ADSL circuit had
to be moved because my ISP, Modem Madness
as well as Netsync out of Fredonia NY
are terminating their ADSL business in
in the Chautauqua & Erie Telephone System.
This was caused by the anti-competived actions
in the way C&E marketed their in-house ADSL
services via C&E Comet.

I do not blame Modem Madness for their Actions
as well as I do not blame Netsync for their actions either.

I have advise my customers who are inside
the Adelphia Cable System to get a Cable Modem
There were only 2 ADSL customers outside the cable
system and one of them is me. I have no intention
of using C&E Comet for Hi-Speed Internet due to
past practices of this company.

The orginal move and changes were due to the MASSIVE
DDOS that attacked my ISP on March 6, 2003

Other "NEWS" 1/2/03
I have obtained a Raq 3 and now is being
rebuilt by adding RAM and a 80 gig Hard Drive
I am not sure where it will go into service, YET!
But it will have the Raq 550 OS and all the goodies
that can be installed on it with out causing a Security
problem in the future.

For more info on ADSL Hi-Speed Internet via Modem Madness,
CLICK HERE! for Jamestown Area!

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